Why Are Melin Hats So Expensive? Are They Worth the Money?

There are a lot of hats available in the market, and many brands offer high quality at lower prices. But why are Melin hats so expensive? What makes them the most expensive hat brand out there? Why are they charging so much to the customers? Is it even worth spending 200 bucks on just a hat? Questions like these and many others confuse the customers whenever they plan to buy a good quality hat. 

In this article, we will look into the factors contributing to why are Melin hats so expensive. Apart from that, we will also analyze if these hats are worth buying or not. Hold on…man. 

By the end of this article, you will be able to make your decision to buy a Melin hat and will get an answer to your question too. Keep reading! 

About Melin:

About Melin

Melin is a premium hat brand that caters to those who look for high quality. Without compromising quality, Melin produces hats for every lifestyle you can wear on any day. Quality, Durability, and customer satisfaction make Melin the best brand when it comes to getting hats. It’s a New York-based hat company that has revolutionised hat fashion and introduced an emerging perspective for its hat lovers!

But, why are melin hats so expensive? 

Reasons Why Are Melin Hats So Expensive: 

Many brands produce high-quality and affordable hats for their customers, but many people still opt for Melin hats despite being quite hard on the pocket. Let’s see why they have raised their prices so much.

No Compromise on the Quality

The first and foremost factor of Melin hats being so expensive is that they choose the best fabric from the world for manufacturing hats. Many brands claim that they hand-pick materials from the world, but not all of them actually do that. On the other hand, Melin searches for the best fabric in the world and gets it from the best. Their hats are made from 100% pure cotton and soft material that fits right into the heads of the customers and doesn’t make them feel heavy-headed. 

Hydrophobic Technology

Hydrophobic Technology

In addition to high-quality materials, most of Melin hats offer hydro technology which means that their hats are entirely waterproof. On top of that, Melin hats are made to float in the water. This hydrophobic technology absorbs water and sweat and makes your head dry throughout. Moreover, these hats have triple quilted moisture-wicking interior lining and an additional anti-microbial protection layer. Isn’t it amazing? 

Melin Hats Are For Everyone

Unlike other brands, Melin does not make a universal-size hat or a standard-size hat that fits all. It truly understands the different size demands of the customers and gives them multiple size options to choose from. Instead of Small, Medium and Large size options; Melin has categorised the sizes in the following fit options

  • Melin horizon fit
  • Melin vintage fit
  • Melin split fit
  • Melin split crushed fit

Whether you have a big head or a small one, your face is thick or thin; you will find a hat fit for you at Melin! 

Offers a Wide Range of Styles 

Wide Range of Styles

Melin gives an extensive range of style options suitable for different climates. It has three main style options with numerous variations according to the current trends and evolving fashion demands of the customers. These three core styles are;

  • Flat visor
  • Curved visor
  • Beanies

Their curved and flat visors are the most demanding styles suitable to wear in various climate conditions. For hot climates, their hats are made with built-in breathable moisture-wicking fabrics. However, their hats are designed for cold temperatures with thermal or sherpa-lined features. On top of that, their hats are extremely stylish and cater to contemporary fashion. 

Customer Satisfaction; Top Priority

Customer Satisfaction

At Helin, customer satisfaction is prioritised, and they are considered valued. The quality, finishing, stitching, looks, and functionality do justice to the price range. This leads customers to choose this brand and are happy to pay some extra bucks for these perks. 

It has a 30-day return or exchange policy with no questions asked if the customer is unsatisfied with the quality of the Hat.

Their “Perfect Fit Promise” enables the customers to return the hat effortlessly if they are not happy with the hat’s size, quality or functionality. 

All these reasons tell us not to wonder Why are Melin Hats So Expensive anymore. With the finest quality and satisfying customer service, Melin has gained quite a reputation as an authentic company in the customers’ hearts. 

Are Melin Hats Worth it? 

Keeping in mind the winning quality and durability Melin offers, your money will not be wasted on these hats. However, if you are on a budget and looking for affordable substitutes, then plenty are out there. You can explore yourself, but it is not guaranteed that you will get the same quality at a lower price. 


If you are an avid hat wearer and prioritise quality over price, then Melin hats are the best ones you can ever get. These hats will fulfil all of your athletic demands while making you look stylish at the same time. We hope this article helped you find the answer to Why are Melin Hats So Expensive. It’s totally up to you now! 

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