Can I Wear A Hat In My Driver’s License Photo? Is it Allowed?

We all need ID proof to get identified at any place and let the authorities determine authentication and verify our identity. Be it an academic card, Passport, citizenship card, or driver’s license card; it’s mandatory to add pictures on it. Attaching photos makes it easy for people to know that the person is the same who he is claiming to be. Driver’s license cards are an important part of our driving journey, and driving without a proper license is not allowed. However, Can I Wear A Hat In My Driver’s License Photo? is a question that most hat wearers consider when they get their License photo captured. 

Without a proper driver’s license, no country allows you to drive vehicles in its territory. A standard driver’s license photo demands your face be identified without any obstruction or shadows on it. Hats, however, can cause shadows on your face making it unclear to be determined by the authorities. 

Can I Wear A Hat In My Driver’s License Photo? What Are the Rules?

To have a perfect license photo, you need to follow some rules; 

Your eyes, nose, lips, and facial structure should be clear on your driver’s license photo. Any headgear, be it a cowboy cap or baseball cap, which casts a shadow on your face, is not allowed to be worn while capturing license photos. The law related to this depends on the state or country you are living in. Some states allow you to wear hats in driver’s license photos as far as your face is clear in the picture. On the other hand, some states do not allow wearing any type of hats in license photos. 

If a headgear is part of your daily life or you have some religious obligation, like a turban or scarf, then you can wear it on your license photo. However, it is not permissible to wear some headgear in your driver’s license photos for mere fashion purposes. Imagine wearing a cowboy hat or a baseball cap on your head in your driver’s license photo. Does it make sense? Most of us don’t wear hats daily or 24/7, then why bother wearing them on our license photo? 

Things like prescription glasses you tend to wear every time while driving is allowed in license photos as they become a part of your identity. Meanwhile, wearing sunglasses on your license photo will just make you look funny, and you won’t even be able to get recognized properly. The authorities might reject your picture due to the unclearness, and you will have to get another one captured again. It will cost you a lot of time and money. So, be sensible in the first attempt, follow the tips, and get done with your license photo, as it isn’t a big deal. Right? 

Regarding your question, Can I Wear A Hat in my driver’s license photo? 

The answer would be…

It depends on your state’s laws and regulations. We suggest not wearing any headgear unless it isn’t an integral part of your life. 

What Does DMV Say About it? 

Can I Wear A Hat in my driver’s license photo? Let’s see what the law says…

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) is responsible for issuing and monitoring driver’s licenses and making policies regarding travel in the United States Of America. 

In most states in America, wearing a hat in a driver’s license photo is not allowed. According to DMV, wearing any headgear in the license photo is not encouraged. However, the department will enable you to wear one if it is part of your identification or if you have some religious beliefs behind it. On top of that, there is a condition that the headgear must not hide any of your facial features, and there should be no shadow on your face due to this. 

In such cases, DMV does not force you to remove your headgear. However, wearing a baseball cap, beanie, or cowboy hat is entirely different. You will be asked to remove it if you do not have any strong and valid reason behind it. 

What Happens when you wear a Hat in Your Driver’s License photo?

As mentioned earlier, headgear, including any hat or cap, is not restricted unless it doesn’t obstruct your face. Firstly, you should not wear any type of hat in your driver’s license photo. But, in case of some valid reason, you can do so. Your headgear is of no good for you if it makes your face unclear. In fuzzy photos with shadows, your image will be rejected by the legal authorities. In addition to that, your license will not be considered valid too. 

Even in the US, the rule is not the same in all cities, and you must follow what the law says in your region. 

Earlier, wearing headgear on your driver’s license photo was entirely prohibited. However, with time, the law has been amended to some extent in some states. In cities like Texas and Oklahoma, the ban on not wearing a hat in the photo has been lifted. Now, you can wear a hat with the condition that it should not cast a shadow on your eyes, nose, lips, and overall face structure. In comparison to that, it is strictly prohibited to wear a hat in a driver’s license photo in Michigan expect some conditions, which include religious obligations. 


You might have gotten the answer to your question Can I Wear A Hat in my driver’s license photo? by now. Again, it varies from state to state and city to city. You will have to check the law in your state. However, if you ask for our advice, we recommend you not wear a hat in your driver’s license photo as it isn’t necessary and something you can’t do without.

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