What is a Cheese Cutter Hat? Flat Hat VS Cheese Cutter Hat

Cheese cutter hats are a classic addition to the vibrant collection of passionate hat wearers. Otherwise known as flat caps, cheese cutter caps are rounded caps with relatively short brims. These globally famous hats are a great accessory to pull off a classy vintage look.

Flat or Cheese Cutter hats are available in two variants. One is constructed from a flat single-piece material giving the hat a trim silhouette. To give it a triangular side profile, the body of the cap is accelerated towards the brim and sewn to the edge of it. On the other hand, the second variant uses eight panels of triangular material sewn from the central point on the top of the hat, where they connect with a cloth button. 

These caps are constructed from wool, tweed, linen, and cotton. 

Where Did the Cheese Cutter Hat Come From?

Where Did the Cheese Cutter Hat Come From?

The history of these hats can be traced back to the 14th century in Northern England and part of southern Italy. Earlier, this used to be called a bonnet, as the hat concept only emerged in the 17th century. 

It is widely recognized as a cheese cutter hat in most parts of the UK. The reason behind considering it synonymous with a cheese cutter is its wedge shape. Digging into history, it was revealed that wearing this cap was forcefully implied to the people in the 16th century. In order to stimulate domestic wool consumption, the British Parliament issued a law that made it mandatory for non-noble men to wear wool hats on Sundays and weekends. Although this law did not last long, this hat became a significant part of the working-class dress code for many centuries. 

Over the centuries, the mythology of the working class wearing a cheese-cutter hat evolved, and it gained universal popularity in the 19th century. Many noblemen of the upper class also wore this hat, making it a symbol of style and fashion back then. 

This hat was also called a newsboy hat relating to the boys who used to wear this hat while selling newspapers. This hat has come a long way regarding its rich history and universal recognition.

But why have they been popularized again?

Peaky Blinder Cheese Cutter Hat

This peaky hat was seen in the famous British Period Crime Drama, where it was predominantly worn by the lead character Thomas Shelby. This series revived the elegance of flat hats and has become a style statement for ardent hat wearers. 

Ways to Pull Off a Cheese Cutter (Flat Hat):

What is a Cheese Cutter Hat

Cheese cutter hats are available in various colors, fabrics, styles, patterns, and sizes. A flat cap can add great value to your classic look regardless of your face shape or age. 

Ideal for all seasons, a wool cheese cutter hat will keep your head warm and cozy in winter. In contrast, a cotton or linen flat hat will protect your face from the sun throughout summer. 

  • The best way to style a cheese cutter is to look at the color and pattern coordination between the hat color and your attire. Your hat and attire must complement each other.  If you are wearing a solid color jacket or coat, try to wear a patterned flat hat. If otherwise, choose a solid one-color hat. 
  • Choose the right hat according to your head size, gently shape the brim, and make it sit right on your head. A baggy or loose hat looks odd. 


Cheese cutter hats are a great addition to your wardrobe and ideal for a classic vintage look. Consider your hat an integral accessory and style it accordingly with your look! Explore some inspirations to wear the flat hat at casual and formal events.

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