Why Do Hats Give me Headaches? 9 Tips to Avoid Headaches after Wearing Hats!

Hats can add great value to your personality and are super convenient headgear. Many people feel severe headaches after wearing hats for a long period. If your hat fits snugly on your head, it puts a lot of pressure on the nerves, contributing to pain and discomfort afterward. If you are facing the same issue and wearing hats has become a task for you, then you are not alone. Many people face the same problem while wearing hats.

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches?

Do you feel pain in your head after wearing hats and go like Why Do Hats Give me Heachaches? Don’t worry! In this article, we will explain why headache happens after wearing hats. Alongside the reasons, you will also find some tricks to avoid the pain.

Many reasons can cause headaches after wearing a hat, and the size of the hat outweighs all. 

External Compression Headaches: 

You might not be aware of this term before. If you get a headache after wearing hats and don’t realize where it comes from. This information might help you! 

Headaches can be caused due to many clinical reasons. The headache you feel while wearing hats falls in the category of Compression Headache. This headache happens when certain pressure gets on your head outside your body. The main factors creating this headache are snug and heavy headgear, including hats, headbands, goggles, etc. 

Factors that Cause Headaches After Wearing Hats:

These are some of the reasons behind the pain and discomfort you experience while wearing hats;

1. Wearing extremely snug hats!

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

Getting the right size of hat is important. A hat that is too tight for your head can create a lot of tension. Not just tight caps cause stress in the nerves of your head, resulting in extreme pain. Alongside putting pressure on your scalp, such tight hats can cause tingling, numbness, and pain that can last for hours. Generally, this is low-intensity pain that results in compression headaches. This pain ideally goes away by taking certain medications or painkillers. 

However, it can worsen if you keep wearing a tight hat even after feeling the pain. 

2. Wearing a Wet Hat or Having Wet Hair Under: 

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

One of the reasons you feel head pain is that you either wear a hat on your wet hair or a sweaty hat/headband. Both conditions cause sinus headaches which can lead to intense migraines. Sinus headache is a condition that occurs when you cover your wet hair with a towel for too long, or you get to bed right after showering. 

Not just this, if you get sweat during hot weather conditions, you should not be wearing a hat. Sinus headaches can be tough and might ruin your whole day. 

So, if you wear a hat on wet hair or keep wearing it even if it gets sweaty, the headache comes from here. 

3. Wearing the Hat Wrongly: 

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

Your choice of styling your hair while wearing a hat plays a great role in causing headaches. If you tie your hair in a ponytail under a hat, it irritates your nerves beneath. Some people can tie their hair tightly as it starts hurting the moment after. 

Doing a tight ponytail, bun, or braids and then putting a hat on them; both conditions damage your hair follicle. Excessive pulling of your hair irritates the strand and makes your roots weak and fragile. It can lead to extreme hair fall as well. 

4. Having Allodynia:

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

One of the reasons for having a headache can be Allodynia. It’s a condition that causes a type of neuropathic pain. People who have this condition are sensitive to touch. Even the slightest thing, like brushing hair, can trigger the pain. 

So, if you feel a headache by wearing a hat that is not even tight, you may have Allodynia that you are unaware of. 

5. Wearing a hat material you are allergic of: 

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

Many people have an allergy to materials like synthetic fibers or polyester. Since many hats are made from such materials, allergic reactions have become very common. Such materials can trigger the allergy by causing immense tingling, burning sensation, and pain. You should always wear hats made from hypoallergenic materials like cotton or wool if you are allergic to other materials. 

These are the reasons that lead to severe headaches after wearing a hat. 

Tips to Avoid Headache While Wearing A Hat: 

Why Do Hats Give me Headaches

You can prevent headaches by choosing the right hat and following some tips.

  • Give your head some rest by taking off the hat from your head for a while. Let your hair breathe. Do not constantly wear a hat throughout the day. 
  • Choose the right hat size. Do not wear a hat that is too tight. Know your accurate hat size. You can also measure your hat size from our hat calculator. 
  • Do not wear a hat during extremely hot weather. It can create a lot of sweat and discomfort.
  • Avoid wearing a hat on wet hair; it can cause sinus headaches.
  • If your hat or sweatband gets wet with excessive sweat, remove it. 
  • Be careful while choosing the hat material. Ideally, it should be cotton or wool. 
  • If you are allergic to synthetic fiber and polyester, do not wear hats made from such material. 
  • If you have a history of Allodynia, you should not wear hats more often. 
  • Avoid doing tight hairstyles under a hat; it damages the hair follicles. 

The Takeaway: 

Hats can be a great fashion accessory, but they can also turn into real discomfort and pain. If you are tired of the headaches caused by wearing hats, then this article will have surely helped you. Why Do Hats Give me Headache is no more a concern for you. Follow these tips, enjoy a pain-free experience, and rock the day with your favorite hat!

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